Poringland Primary

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 at Poringland Primary

Welcome to Year 6 at our primary school! What sets our year group apart is the incredible journey it offers — Year 6 is a fun, exciting, and busy roller coaster ride! Here, pupils are encouraged to spread their wings and embrace different ways of thinking in preparation for High School. With 62 vibrant students (fluctuating between 60 and 65 each year) distributed across two dynamic classes, our dedicated team includes one main teacher and one teaching assistant per class.


Year 6 is marked by engaging projects that seamlessly integrate topic work into various subjects. From crafting their own Greek myths to playing the ancient Maya game of Pok-ta-Pok and delving into the environmental impact of human activities, our students achieve a real sense of immersion. The year culminates in a 2-night residential trip, pushing boundaries at Kingswood outdoor activity centre, and a Leavers’ Production filled with comedy and fun — preparing our pupils for the exciting adventure that lies ahead! 

Our Year 6 Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Mr M Woodhams

Class Teacher

Mrs C Vinsen

Class Teacher

Miss L Burdett

DSL, Class Teacher

Mrs S Arundell

Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Cullen

Teaching Assistant

Example Year 6 Timetable

“In Year 6, pupils are given the opportunity to spread their wings in preparation for High School.”

“Poringland Primary School provides children with a wonderful foundation, enabling and encouraging them to flourish and thrive.” Mrs C Vinsen, Year 6 Teacher