Poringland Primary

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 at Poringland Primary

Welcome to Year 5 at Poringland Primary, where our vibrant and enthusiastic group of Fritton and Ormesby students embark on an exciting academic journey. In our two classes, Fritton with 31 students and Ormesby with 30, our dedicated teachers provide a nurturing environment for each child’s growth.


This year, our students work as historians, delving into captivating home/school projects during the Autumn Term. These projects, centered around either The Stone Age or The Shang Dynasty, allow them to showcase their creativity and knowledge. With the unwavering support of parents and carers, the children craft an array of impressive pieces, including posters, artwork, self-cooked recipes, letters, PowerPoint presentations, and even time capsules filled with personally created or sourced artifacts. The pride and joy radiating from the students’ achievements are evident in the photographs, capturing memorable moments of their unique and engaging projects.

Year 5 Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Mrs A Edwards

Senior Teacher

Mrs P Kemp

Class Teacher

Mrs C Gallen

Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Chilvers

HLTA, DSL & Parent Suppport Advisor

Miss C Farrow

Teaching Assistant

Example Year 5 Timetable

“Poringland Primary School and Nursery is such a special place; like one huge family!”
Angela Edwards, Senior Teacher