Poringland Primary

Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 at Poringland Primary

Welcome to Year 3 at our primary school, where 62 fantastic children are embarking on a transformative journey! In Malthouse Class, led by Mrs Hamilton, Mrs Chuter, and Mr Cannell, and Wroxham Class, under the guidance of Miss Whittington, Mrs Pugh, and Mrs Wilson-Berry, Year 3 marks a pivotal transition from Key Stage one to Key Stage two. This crucial year is dedicated to fostering independence and acquiring new skills.


Reading takes centre stage as children choose their own books, explore the school library, and dive into quizzes with Accelerated Reader, while also starting to manage their reading logs independently. Year 3 scholars embrace the challenge of learning times tables, with weekly tests to achieve their targets. Musical exploration is a delight, with all children given the opportunity to learn the ukulele and showcase their talents in a summer performance.


Beyond this, Year 3 unfolds exciting adventures in history, including a visit to Norwich Castle for a Roman Day. Exploring European countries and presenting engaging homework projects add to the enriching experience of our Year 3 students. It’s a year filled with growth, discovery, and plenty of fun!

Our Year 3 Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Mrs S Pond

Class Teacher

Mrs K Hamilton

Class Teacher

Mrs T Wilson-Berry

Teaching Assistant

Mr D Cannel

Teaching Assistant

Mrs N Chuter

Teaching Assistant

Example Year 3 Timetable

“Year 3 is an important year as the children make the transition from Key Stage one to Key Stage two. During this year they grow in independence and learn many new skills.”
Mrs K Hamilton, Class Teacher