Poringland Primary


Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

We believe that all children have their own special and individual needs, and most of these can be accommodated in the normal class situation. If, however, a child is identified as having specific needs, we are able to give more attention and specialist help by using the School Support Team. Children with specific special needs are monitored closely, taught in varying ways, and usually make good progress. We aim to build a good working partnership between school, the family and outside agencies.

“Here at Poringland Primary School and Nursery we strive to ensure that all of our children with Special Education Needs and Disabilities make progress and fulfil their full potential. 

We use a range of strategies to not only support our children with their academic progress but also to develop their confidence, independence and life skills.” 

Emma Steward

SENDCo and Nursery teacher



(My SENDCO days are Monday afternoons/Tuesdays and Wednesdays)

The school has well documented procedures that follow the agreed policy:

We have also included links to services we use and recommend to parents and carers, and at the bottom of this page you will find the Provision Expected at SEN Support (PEaSS) posters – these explain the varying provision which is expected in a mainstream school when a child is at SEN support.