Poringland Primary

Welcome to our Poringland Primary School and Nursery website. We’re so glad you’re here.

If you are a family hoping to find a happy, safe and nurturing environment for your child to learn and grow, then our primary school and nursery in Norfolk is the perfect place for your child.

At our school, staff, pupils and families all share the same vision. Which is to create Happy, Active, Healthy, Inspired learners. By browsing our website, you’ll learn how we are achieving this vision for our pupils year after year.

Our School

We instil a lifelong love and enthusiasm for learning in every child of our nursery and primary school. This starts with how we operate as a school.


As a family of our school, you are provided with all of the information and resources needed to ensure a happy and healthy learning experience for your child.

Year Groups

Pupils of all year groups are empowered to achieve the best version of themselves possible, leading them to a bright future in secondary education and beyond.


As a forward-thinking school and nursery, we are constantly working hard to develop and improve how we teach every impactful subject that makes up our school curriculum.

Our School

Our Values

Poringland Primary School and Nursery is built upon three core values: Respect, Honesty, Kindness


Our weekly assemblies and interactive lessons enhance our pupil’s understanding of schooling and school life


As a nursery educator, we strive to inspire young minds by exploring their early interests and aiding them to understand the world around them


We encourage a love of reading in every pupil

Fun Stuff

It’s good to escape the classroom now and again – pupils benefit from regular trips around the local community


We develop and inspire young minds from Nursery to Year 6


Weekly Newsletter

Explore our weekly newsletter for exciting updates! Discover upcoming events, the latest news and achievements specific to this year, cheer for our Vision and Value Award winners, celebrate our Accelerated Readers, and catch up on general updates, vacancies, and interesting discussions. It’s a vibrant hub of information and joy – don’t miss out!

Our Staff

Mr P Dean

Lead DSL

Mrs H Howard

Deputy Headteacher

SENDOco and Class Teacher

Mrs E Steward

Class Teacher

Mrs S Chilvers

DSL and Parent Support Advisor